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Are these the best budget office chairs in Singapore?

November 28, 2019

Office chairs are not just meant for the office. They are often an indispensable piece of furniture in our homes too. While office chairs come in all sizes, materials and features, how does one go about selecting a suitable piece?

In our search of a computer chair for our home office, we have put together a list of areas to look out for, as well as our top 5 picks for the best cheap office chairs in Singapore.

How to choose a good office chair for your home office


For me, the first thing I will look out for is the material of the seat and backrest of the office chair. Some may prefer PU leather as they find it easier to clean and maintain.

Since we do not turn on the aircon when working from home, I prefer the seat and backrest to be of mesh material as it allows for ventilation. Mesh may also be more comfortable for those who perspires easily. We all know how Singapore’s weather is like.


Everyone’s body is different. Hence, being able to adjust an office chair’s various parts to cater to different people is important. I mainly keep an eye out for adjustable seat height and adjustable level of recline for the backrest.

Adjustability also places a big part in comfort and ergonomics, so having more adjustment options is a huge plus.

Lumbar support

A good office chair should provide adequate lumbar support. This means that the chair should have a part that is supporting your lower back to maintain the natural curvature of your spine.

Even if the office chair does not come with lumbar support, you can still work with it. Simply get a lower back cushion or mesh support to add on to the chair. I’ve seen Daiso selling the mesh back support for only $2!


We often neglected the castors when shopping for office chairs in the past. Chairs with rigid wheels are a big no-no because you will have to use force to propel yourself around and it gets tiring. Worst of all, the castors may end up leaving marks on your house’s flooring over time.

The wheels of a good office chair should rotate smoothly and you should be able to move around easily in all directions.


You get what you pay for, but not everyone can afford the best office chairs in Singapore. People who first start working from home, or small businesses with a tight budget might not be able to get the top brands.

Hence, we looked at office chairs that are great value for money. They are by no means absolutely cheap office chairs, but these will tick a lot of boxes while still being affordable to most people.

With these factors in mind, we shortlisted 5 cheap office chairs (in no particular order) that are suitable for those with a tight budget.

Our pick of the 5 best budget office chairs in Singapore

J30 Office Chair: Jack of All trades Value buy

J30 Office Chair 01
J30 Office Chair 02

We picked the J30 office chair for its customisability. You can adjust so many areas – the height of the seat and armrests, the headrest (you can move it up or down to fit people of different height), and even the height of the lumbar support.

What’s even better is that the J30 office chair has an adjustable backrest tilt tension. You can loosen it to make it easier for you to lean backwards. It also has a lock and rock mechanism where you can lean backwards and lock the backrest in that tilted position.

Some users find that the lumbar support is too hard, while others find it comfortable. This is dependent on each individual’s preference. Do note that the maximum weight it can support is 90kg. In addition, only the backrest and headrest are made of mesh, whereas the seat is made of cushion.

This office chair also features a coat hanger which would be useful for those who keep a blazer in their office, but not so much for folks like me who work from home. Overall, we like its level of customisability.

J30 Office Chair
✔ Adjustable armrests
✔ Adjustable headrest
✔ Adjustable lumbar support
✔ Adjustable backrest tilt tension
✔ Lock and rock mechanism
✔ Mesh backrest and headrest
✔ Coat hanger
✘ Some users find the lumbar support too hard

Sihoo Office Chair: Best overall package

M16 Office Chair 01

The Sihoo office chair is similar to the J30 office chair, which comes with a mesh backrest and lock and rock mechanism. The Sihoo chair also has an adjustable backrest tilt tension, and height adjustable seat and armrests.

What sets it apart from the J30 office chair are several improved areas. For example, the headrest can be moved up or down, and tilted to your preferred angle. The lumbar support can also be customised further by moving it in 2 directions (up or down, forward or backward).

Marc actually bought this chair back in September 2018 and has been using it daily as his home office chair. As the Sihoo chair’s seat is slightly wider than the J30, it’s a better option for Marc who has wide hips. It also supports a maximum weight of 90kg.

M16 Office Chair 02
Proof of purchase 🙂

Users find the Sihoo office chair very sturdy, which is something I like about it too. It’s a great choice for those who are particular about finding an optimal fit as you can easily adjust the chair to fit your body.

It is Marc’s choice for best budget office chair for home use.

Sihoo Office Chair
✔ Adjustable armrests
✔ Adjustable headrest with tilt
✔ Adjustable lumbar support in 2 directions
✔ Adjustable backrest tilt tension
✔ Lock and rock mechanism
✔ Mesh backrest
✔ Sturdy
✘ Cushion headrest may not be as cooling as mesh

Q37 Executive Chair: Best for Sturdiness

Q37 Executive Chair 01
Q37 Executive Chair 02

The Q37 executive chair is also pretty customisable. You can move both the armrests and lumbar support up or down. The headrest can also be moved up or down, and tilted to fit you. The mesh backrest has a lock and rock mechanism, and you can adjust its tilt tension too.

We like that the backrest and headrest are both made of mesh. Users commend the firm lumbar support that can be adjusted up or down to fit people of different heights.

Given the fact that the Q37 executive chair can support a maximum weight of 120kg, users also like it for its sturdiness. However, some users find it a little small, so take note of the measurements.

One point worth mentioning is that the Q37 executive chair has an SGS certified pneumatic seat height adjustment mechanism. If you are particular about product certifications like this, then the Q37 executive chair is for you.

Q37 Executive Chair
✔ Adjustable armrests
✔ Adjustable headrest with tilt
✔ Adjustable lumbar support
✔ Adjustable backrest tilt tension
✔ Lock and rock mechanism
✔ Mesh backrest and headrest
✔ Sturdy
✔ SGS certified pneumatic mechanism
✘ Some users find it a little small

MARKUS Office Chair: Comes with Ikea guarantee

Markus Office Chair 01
Markus Office Chair 02

Here’s one from our good ol’ IKEA. The MARKUS office chair features an adjustable seat height. It also has a lock and rock mechanism for its backrest, and can support a maximum weight of 110kg.

The downside is that the armrests cannot be adjusted, and the lumbar support is fixed within the mesh backrest.

What we like about the MARKUS office chair is its safety castors that have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism. It works by keeping the chair in place when you get up, and releasing the brake automatically when you sit down. We think this budget office chair would be a good choice for those with kids at home. Furthermore, it comes with a 10 year guarantee (subject to IKEA’s terms).

MARKUS Office Chair
✔ Adjustable backrest tilt tension
✔ Lock and rock mechanism
✔ Mesh backrest
✔ Safety castors
✔ 10 year guarantee (subject to IKEA’s terms)
✘ Non-adjustable armrests
✘ Non-adjustable headrest
✘ Non-adjustable lumbar support

Type A 4D Gaming Chair: Best for Gamers

Type A 4D Gaming Chair 01
Type A 4D Gaming Chair 02

Even though this is a gaming chair, we picked it as it can double up as an office chair too. The PU leather gives it a sleek look that can complement a home office. It is also easy to maintain by simply giving it a wipedown. The backrest can even recline to 135 degrees.

The Type A 4D gaming chair also has a headrest that comes with a neck cushion for additional support. One point to note is that the base (or legs) of this chair is made of plastic and thus, the maximum weight the chair can support is 85kg.

We like that there is a cushion for lumbar support. In addition, users liked that the wheels are very smooth and that the chair is sturdy. We feel that this is a great option for those looking for an affordable gaming chair, suitable for both leisure and work.

Type A 4D Gaming Chair
✔ Adjustable lumbar support cushion
✔ Easy to clean
✔ Smooth wheels
✘ Plastic base

Why is a good office chair important?

Gives you a better posture

Selecting a good office chair suitable for your body would allow you to have a better posture while seated. Maintaining a good posture helps to align your bones and joints so that your muscles are being used properly, lowering the chances of muscle fatigue.

On average, a person spends 8 hours a day at work. If you are spending a third of your day seated while working, a good chair would make a difference to your body in the long run. If you are having back pain or feel uncomfortable after sitting for long hours, it is time to scrutinise your posture.

Increases your productivity

When you are more comfortable at work, you will generally be more productive too. You will spend less time feeling frustrated from body aches or fidgeting to find a more comfortable position. In turn, you will be able to concentrate better and be more productive.

Puts you into work mode

You will need a good office chair even if you work from home. Forget about trying to make do with the dining chair or even the sofa. Having an office chair as part of your work environment at home helps you to visually and mentally set aside that space purely for work.

Our Choice

I guess it’s pretty clear that the Sihoo office chair is our choice for a cheap office chair. We picked it for its ability to adjust the angle of its headrest and also adjust the lumbar support forward or backward. This really sets the Sihoo office chair apart from the rest. Having used the chair for more than a year, we think it is value for money and find the quality to be great for its affordable price level.


Rin previously led a 9 to 6 desk-bound office lifestyle. After 6 years of rush hour train squeezing and lunchtime madness, she decided to make a switch and started working from home.

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